Microsoft already surprised us a year ago with the launch of Xbox Game Pass , its subscription service to install and play dozens of titles on the Xbox One quickly and easily. That idea wants to go further, and wants to apply the idea of ​​video game subscriptions to all kinds of platforms, not just the Xbox. The idea: that for a monthly fee users can play the games they want, but also play streaming on any device , not only on Microsoft consoles. Please also check this amazing list of gaming laptops under 1000

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's gaming division, will work with the head of the new division of games in the cloud, Kareem Choudhry, who explained that "we believe that there will be 2 billion players in the world , and our goal is to reach all of them. " The launch of Game Pass, a service with which they are "really satisfied" after these first months, seems to be just the beginning of that ambitious proposal from Microsoft. Companies like Ubisoft have already made use of Azure for cloud services for their game 'Rainbow Six' for both the Xbox One itself and the PS4. Best budget gaming laptop uk

Microsoft wants to take advantage of Azure in video games In Redmond they have been working on this concept for some time. Microsoft has bought some companies related to this field (Havok, Simplygon, PlayFab ), but they have also created a division within their platform in the cloud that will be entirely dedicated to one area: that of video games.

Google is trying it with that promising service called Yeti , while Sony has its own proposal with PS Now , which competes directly with Xbox Game Pass . Even NVIDIA has been driving GeForce Now, an interesting but expensive alternative . It will be necessary to see what kind of proposal Microsoft offers and how it competes with these ideas, but above all, how it manages to convince users of other platforms , because surely its rivals will not remain unemployed.

There are a lot of people who loves playing with the PS4 and are happy to have them because most of the games that they have played using the PS3 are compatible with the PS4. All of the saved data on the games that you would have on your PS3 can be transferred and used on a PS4 as they would have similar features. Know how to factory reset ipad here!