27 million players every day . More than 70 million viewers . Those are just two of the impressive figures that help us understand not the phenomenon but the reality of e-sports and streaming video games . And although YouTube have potential and is relevant in that area, yesterday officially presented Youtube Gaming , a division of its portal focused exclusively on streaming games and with the target heat to become the reference that right now is not yet. We have gotten fully into Youtube Gaming to tell you what it has to offer, what we have found and what weapons Google plans to deal with Twitch , recently purchased by Amazon. These are the affordable gaming Laptops under £1000 in uk which are affordable.

It's not a new platform, it's a Youtube version of games Although it has a gateway separate from the main Youtube, the first thing to say about Youtube Gaming is that it is YouTube . 100% Google has not created a new online video platform but has customized in the form of a new service the contents that we can already find on YouTube. other gaming laptop under £1500

Any of the videos that we filter within the Gaming platform is actually a video that was found, found and found on YouTube. But Google has customized it with an interface focused on the visual , with a dark design that facilitates the viewing in generous size (there is no cinema mode and the one that comes by default occupies the majority of the screen) and in which the highlights of the Player is the simplification of the interaction with the video, with a new button to add the channel as a favorite to our collection, as we will see below. With this design where the video predominates, the sections of information about what we are seeing, related videos or comments are on the right side. If we are playing a live broadcast, the comments tab automatically becomes a chat with other users who are watching the same as us.

That it is the same service we can easily verify. In fact, when one has seen a video within Gaming, it appears as played on Youtube generalist. But not everything is shared. Something that is completely separate is the management of subscriptions and playlists. The channels that we mark as favorites or follow in Gaming will not be answered in our lists or subscriptions in generalist Youtube. Nor vice versa.

Youtube Gaming also has application , but for now not in all markets. For example, if you try to download it in Spain, it is not available. The fact is that to access Youtube Gaming from a smartphone, we must do so by activating the desktop mode, since otherwise it does not allow us to access and forces us to download the application. Channels and games, the basis of the Youtube Gaming experience Those who access Youtube Gaming are aware that they want to have a couple of clicks on their favorite games and their favorite creators. That's why Gaming bases its interface on those two options. There is also no search engine , with suggestions for channels and games.

In each of these main pages of games or creators we find different tabs with more or less classified content. Those tabs are different depending on the game . In the case of some popular as Minecraft we find the largest of options, with information about the game, channels related to which we have subscribed, direct to which we can join, popular content, area for gameplays, reviews and even official content of the own developer. In other cases the options are more limited, as we can see below with the game Madden.

Here I would have opted for an exclusive area or independent service directly associated with Gaming, but in both cases the system takes us to classic Youtube and the already known options to upload a video or start a live broadcast. There we already found the general configuration based on Creator Studio and in which, for example, to start broadcasting live, we need to configure the coding software. Among the options the most useful for this type of event is to enable the recording , so that someone who arrives late to your broadcast can go back up to four hours in the broadcast, something in which Youtube Gaming can take advantage of Switch. During live broadcasts, we can go back to any point of the broadcast at any time, and it will be enough to click on the Live icon to return to the broadcast in real time.


Microsoft already surprised us a year ago with the launch of Xbox Game Pass , its subscription service to install and play dozens of titles on the Xbox One quickly and easily. That idea wants to go further, and wants to apply the idea of ​​video game subscriptions to all kinds of platforms, not just the Xbox. The idea: that for a monthly fee users can play the games they want, but also play streaming on any device , not only on Microsoft consoles. Please also check this amazing list of gaming laptops under 1000

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's gaming division, will work with the head of the new division of games in the cloud, Kareem Choudhry, who explained that "we believe that there will be 2 billion players in the world , and our goal is to reach all of them. " The launch of Game Pass, a service with which they are "really satisfied" after these first months, seems to be just the beginning of that ambitious proposal from Microsoft. Companies like Ubisoft have already made use of Azure for cloud services for their game 'Rainbow Six' for both the Xbox One itself and the PS4. Best budget gaming laptop uk

Microsoft wants to take advantage of Azure in video games In Redmond they have been working on this concept for some time. Microsoft has bought some companies related to this field (Havok, Simplygon, PlayFab ), but they have also created a division within their platform in the cloud that will be entirely dedicated to one area: that of video games.

Google is trying it with that promising service called Yeti , while Sony has its own proposal with PS Now , which competes directly with Xbox Game Pass . Even NVIDIA has been driving GeForce Now, an interesting but expensive alternative . It will be necessary to see what kind of proposal Microsoft offers and how it competes with these ideas, but above all, how it manages to convince users of other platforms , because surely its rivals will not remain unemployed.

There are a lot of people who loves playing with the PS4 and are happy to have them because most of the games that they have played using the PS3 are compatible with the PS4. All of the saved data on the games that you would have on your PS3 can be transferred and used on a PS4 as they would have similar features. Know how to factory reset ipad here!





Does it make sense to play with a Game Boy in full 2017? Surely many of you will have jumped from the chair shouting to the screen a "SO CLEAR YES!" Well sound, but I can also see other readers who may not have it so clear or, directly, do not know very well what It's a Game Boy. Best gaming laptops 1ooo uk

The history of the console, like that of Nintendo itself , has been counted a thousand times, so I'm not going to get too heavy with this topic either. But let's go in parts. What I've done, thanks to my teammates athere, is playing with a Game Boy for a whole week while recording the whole process along the way. 

The Game Boy had some crazy accessories. I would have liked to try the Game Boy Printer, a thermal printer that was connected to the console and that allowed to print the photos taken with the Game Boy Camera, but I did not have access to any. With the camera, released by Nintendo in 1998, I was able to play. And the truth is that I really liked the idea. Best gaming laptops in uk

Now we are used to having high quality cameras, and it is easy to take decent pictures and even improve them before sharing them with the world in our preferred social network, but at the end of the 90s it was cool to plug a camera into the console Laptop and make pixelated photos. You will have seen it in the video: the camera is inserted in the back of the console, as if it were just another cartridge, and offers the possibility of alternating between taking pictures of what we see, as if we were using the rear camera of the mobile phone, or make us a selfie by turning it so that it looks like a frontal. The screen of the Game Boy is not ready to face the reflexes , and playing in a park in the sun is practically impossible. Neither contrast nor bagpipes. Know how to reset ipad here!


The other accessory I had access to during the test week of the console is the magnifying glass (or at least one of them, since they came from different manufacturers). A magnifying glass that not only allows to see with a little more detail what happens on the screen - and when I say "little" is because there really was not much difference between using it or not - but it incorporates extra lighting thanks to a pair of batteries. That is, it is almost more useful for the part of the additional light than for the magnification of the magnifying glass itself.

What has become clear to me after these days with the laptop is that I see it more as an object of collecting / nostalgia than as a console to use daily in full 2017 (or late, rather, and about to enter 2018). With the current offer of desktop consoles and laptops that we have, I have not found any really powerful excuse to take the Game Boy and take hours beyond the test to make the video that accompanies this text or throw something of lagrimilla.

In short, it is clear that the Game Boy is an important part of the history of video games and I thank Nintendo for having created and entertained generations of players, but my only excuse to have one now would be for pure collecting. Or to take some photos, look where.